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The camelopard ( Giraffa Camelopardalis or Camelopardalis Giraffa), a ruminant animal inhabiting various parts of Africa, and constituting the only species of its genus and family. It is the tallest of all animals, a full- grown male reaching the height of 18 or 20 feet. This great stature is mainly due to the extraordinary length of the neck, in which, however, there are but seven vertebrae, though these are extremely elongated. It has two bony excrescences on its head resembling horns. Its great height is admirably suited with its habit of feeding upon the leaves of trees, and in this the animal is further aided by its tongue, which is both prehensile and capable of being remarkably elongated or contracted at will. It rarely attempts to pick up food from the ground. Its color is usually light fawn marked with darker spots. It is a mild and inoffensive animal, and in captivity is very gentle and playful. " The giraffe is, in some respects, intermediate between the hollow- horned and solid- horned ruminants, though partaking more of the nature of the deer."- Prof. Owen. ...

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