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Definition of rock:

Common misspellings:

  • rocke (6.3%)
  • ruck (6.3%)
  • ock (12.5%)
  • rok (18.8%)
  • roth (6.3%)
  • riock (12.5%)
  • rockl (12.5%)
  • rouck (12.5%)
  • rtock (12.5%)

Usage examples for rock:

  • I was so mad I felt like heavin' a rock down on 'im! "Emerson's Wife and Other Western Stories Emerson's Wife -- Colonel Kate's Protégée -- The Kid of Apache Teju -- A Blaze on Pard Huff -- How Colonel Kate Won Her Spurs -- Hollyhocks -- The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of Johnson Sides -- A Piece of Wreckag" – Florence Finch Kelly
  • Judith led Swift from behind the rock and mounted. "Judith of the Godless Valley" – Honoré Willsie
  • Sure enough, when he got there he found Buck squattin' behind a big rock "Charlie to the Rescue" – R.M. Ballantyne

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